Saturday, November 24, 2012

THAI BEAUTY and some beauty tips

Sawaddee ka! (Hello!)

So obviously this topic is all about the beauty of Thai. Many people have said that Thai and Filipinos look alike. The only difference is Thais have a fair complexion while Filipinos are tan. Some said, when you make a Filipino white you would thought they are Thais (is it true?). 

THAI (Toey)


But what really interests me more is, HOW DO THAI GET A CLEAR AND GLOWING SKIN despite their hot weather?

I really admire their beauty (Obviously! LOL). The truth is, most people I follow in Instagram are Thais and I love looking through their pictures and feels a little bit jealous (In good way because it inspires and helps me to get going in my beauty rituals/regime) I want to have their skin.

Praew Jensen

Apisara Tatti


It started when I watched the movie “A Crazy Thing Called Love” (great movie!). It was about a girl named Nam who has a crush on a popular guy in school.  But he doesn't notice her. And the story revolves how Nam changes herself with the help of her friends… from being ugly to a drop dead gorgeous. 



She's really pretty in real life.

Back to the topic, I searched about their beauty secrets in every part of the internet. Luckily, I discovered something...

The fruit P-A-P-A-Y-A!

yes, at last I can now achieve their glowing skin! PAPAYA fruit is also available here in Philippines and it cost less than a dollar. It taste good too.

You don't need to spend a lot of money to achieve a clear and healthy looking skin.
Look through your backyard, search for fruits and vegetables to eat. Go for a natural way.
Keep away from the sun. Drink a lot of water. SLEEP! Don't pretend that you're a vampire.

If you want to be like NAM. Work hard for it. 

-love rachel

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Hello love! my heart is overflowing right now...

Last night, I was playing this app called fashion designer and suddenly thought why I want to have my own boutique?

If you don't know, I've been wanting to have my own boutique or clothing line available around the world (yes! a big dream!)

I admit that I'm not like the other fashion designers who have an impressive kind of imagination when comes to designing... but their is really something in my heart that makes me want to create clothes.

The truth is, I'm not even good in drawing. And it takes me about an hour or more to make a good sketch.

I'm not a designer who knows all those kinds of fabrics, styles and etc. I don't sew straight.

I'm not even those designers who gets to be inspired by a sun, flowers, and myths.

I'll tell you what a designer I am?

Before, I want to make clothes because I love them. I'm in love with them. I will do everything to have them. But because I can't afford it all, I decided to learn to make clothes.

You don't know how my heart skips a beat whenever I see beautiful dresses that I can't afford.

But last night, my mindset changed. I think I heard a snap! in my mind... in my heart...

It was breathtaking! and all I want to do was to cry...

I was a loser. I'm being teased in school before. I was ugly. No one even admires me! I was not confident about myself. I don't even have a good fashion taste. "Ewww me" I hate myself!

But then, I discovered something... that so-called "FASHION". It changed me from inside and out.

For the first time, I feel so good about myself. I feel that I can conquer the world.

So, I decided to make clothes cause I want to changed someone. To make them feel they are perfect despite their imperfections. To bring them to places that they haven't been before. To let them know they are beautiful.

I want them to feel what I feel everytime I wear those heels, those shining necklaces, the flowy dresses. The joy...

It was priceless.

Clothes could build dreams. It has the power to inspire everyone.

Fashion means "to form", "to make"... The fashion itself wants to change you...To form a new YOU.

So, I'm praying to God to help me. To make this come to pass. To give me wisdom, strength and abilities.

To help me born, "demoiselle xx8".
A clothing line that would "Bring dreams to reality".

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I know it’s been a month not writing ANYTHING. Maybe you’re wondering if I’m still alive…

I’ve been really busy in school because of my baby thesis, web development and of course, final exams. I totally forgot that I have a blog to update. But now that it is already finished and I’m back…


Now, that it’s my sembreak... I've been stocked at home for days now. And if you’re wondering what I do…

SLEEP.EAT.COMPUTER. (boring right?)

I’m such a loser, not being productive at all.

Good thing, someone awaken me in my lazy life, my brother. I've been told that I’m being useless. (Does your brother tell you that too?)

So, I've been spending my past few days, watching and reading photography tips and techniques. Let me tell you a secret. I don’t have a DSLR. And I've been praying for it for 5 years now. Still not giving up!

So, what’s the reason of me sharing this? Even if you don’t have those professional cameras, it’s not an excuse to stop learning and making your dreams come true… (I’m pouring my heart out!) The good thing is, if you’re camera arrives; at least it’s not hard for you to use it because you “advanced study it!”

Here are my ways to learn Photography tips and techniques:

1.    Look through different photos/images. You’ll develop your eye of photography (did you get that?)
2.   Visit some website of photographers. Sometimes they give tips and ways on how to shoot. 
3.      Read books and PDF’s.
4.      Watch videos. I watched in YouTube.
5.  Attend seminars. Even if the topic is BASIC PHOTOGRAPHY and you know that already. That’s okay! Photographers are all different. They all have their own ways and techniques.
6.   Find an inspiration photographer. (This will get you fired up!)
7.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with your camera.

Some of my photographies taken by a point-and shoot camera...

Still learning.
Still practicing.

Thank you so much for sparing a time reading this. Hope you learned something from me.
God bless! till next time... :3

Saturday, September 1, 2012


Starting this blog freaks me out! I have a lot of things in my mind and I don’t know where to start.So yes, I’m like the other girls who love dressing up in their room and usually daydream like if I get famous, I know what to say for every interview and all the poses I’m going to do on the red carpet.

I’m just one of you gals who want to make her dreams come true and create an unimaginable reality. So whatever it takes.  LET’S GET IT ON!

So I believe you’re a fashion, make-up and photography enthusiast or more than that.


My answer, stick to what my personality tells me.  I’m a bipolar. Sometimes I’m in cute-sy style and sometimes in rock, indie style. It depends on how I feel and what influenced me. By the way, I’m crazy about Korean and Japanese fashion. I’m not into trends but I still need to know what’s out so that I’m updated and not left out. You don’t want others to ask you “are you a na├»ve?”  I love looking through the site, magazines and fashion sites. It gives me ideas on how to mix and match on clothes. Making magic!

Some of my clothes were given by my mom’s friend and some bought by my own money. My mom seldom buys me because she’s teaching me to sacrifice for what I want. And usually what I buy is a little expensive cause I’m into quality and not quantity. I rather buy expensive ones that will last.

My two favourite shops are Apple and Eve and For Me. You can visit their site. What I want about their clothes is the colour, the style and the fabric that they used.  I loved looking through their boutiques because most of their clothes were my type. I would buy all of their clothes if I become a millionaire! (Surely, I will! lol)

My mom would always tell me if you will buy clothes that are pricey, make sure it looks pricey.

Touch the fabric and then think how it was sewn. Of course, who would forget the colour?  I tell you, choose bright colours that you think it would last long and never to choose dull colours. That’s how I choose my clothes. If the tailor had a hard time sewing and it looks wonderful then I’ve got to have it.

 In choosing my shoes/footwear, I’m into comfort but still in style. I don’t want to be a fashionista who looks like walking in the moon or walks like an old lady. Sometimes shoes destroy our poise right?

I don’t have my own car; I ride public vehicles (jeeps) and if I’m in my wedges. OH MY GOSH! I need Superman to carry me.  But this doesn’t stop me. I substitute my wedges in flip flops in case Superman does not arrive.

If you love what you are doing, there is always a way.